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Your Acting & Drama Teacher

My goal as a young professional individual has always been to work with children. I’ve been privileged to have had some experience with children in educational theatre, puppetry, facilitation at local schools, teaching English and Drama online, and creating my own learning material and presentations for online schools during and after my degree in Performance Art & Theatre Studies. Being a part of a child’s education is extremely uplifting and to help shape a child’s future with the use of language and visual stimulation is a natural skill of mine. I’ve always been very comfortable around children as I’m very creative and resourceful and a quick thinker. Good communication and a natural sense of what children are drawn to, are also vital approaches.

Learning Acting & drama with André N | Amphy

My background & experience

With regard to my ability to meet the specific requirements of an online Drama & English teacher:  I completed my 160 Hour Advanced TEFL course and received my certification accredited by ACCREDITAT.  I’ve had over 2 year’s exposure to the online teaching industry and structures.  I’ve had the opportunities to teach English as well as Drama lessons online with classes of one-on-one, 4 students per class, and I’ve also taught bigger classes for public schools with classes of more than 30 students.  I’ve designed and structured my own drama presentations and English classes with my own resources for drama classes.  I have experience in teaching reading and conversational English online using self-designed material.  I’ve designed and practiced self-made educational games and activities during online classes.  I’ve done several small lessons and lesson introduction recordings for pre-class exposure.  With regards to entertainment & communication, I’ve had extensive training in working closely with children, during and after my degree.  I’ve worked as a facilitator at various educational institutions & entertainment companies with the emphasis on building self-confidence, public performance, reading, writing, and lesson-based puppetry on the subjects of health, food, general manners, morals & values, social behavior, and more.  Educational Project Design and theatre/puppetry performance is another extremely valued part of my training and experience with child-based work.  Extreme attention to verbal and written use of language to ensure proper communication has always been highly prioritized.  Self-training in child education, problem-focused guidance, and working out class structures & presentations, also fall under my skills.  My extremely good eye for detail has always been supportive with regards to preparation, presentation, and creating an appropriate atmosphere. I believe I have the necessary creative skills and resourcefulness to be a perfect fit for this position. I'm a good communicator and have a natural sense of what children are drawn to on a local and international level. Over the years I've also gained experience in trend following and general social interests such as cultural activities and relevant upcoming events. Staying updated about local surroundings and international developments is extremely important when it comes to learning any new skill, especially a new language. I’m able to draw attention to the right aspects with a creative approach to activate interest.

My classes and teaching style

Coming from a performance art background, I enjoy adding practical creativity when I teach or facilitate. Believe it or not, this is possible, even virtually. I believe communication and interaction should be made memorable for us to have a better understanding and appreciation. The more fun and visual stimulation there is, the better the learning experience will be for both parties. I'm probably the most approachable person I know - I enjoy conversation and learning about new cultures. There's always something to talk about. Running out of conversation is unknown to me. I believe patience is an extremely valuable tool if approached right. It's a quality that can help you get into great situations and out of sticky ones. To me the top 3 qualities of a language lesson will definitely be the following: 1. Try to develop a sense of what the child is drawn to, his interests, likes, and dislikes, and incorporate that into your lessons. 2. Be visually creative and resourceful. This will allow you to effortlessly explore different approaches to teaching the subject at hand and also increase the visual stimulation in your lesson. 3. Continuous conversation! Continuous verbal interaction with your student will help you get a better understanding of their needs. You should never run out of things to say.

My certifications

Bachelor's Degree in Performance Art with Media (TV & Radio) as major. 160 Hour Advanced TEFL Certification.

My student reviews

  • Alweena K

    It was an awesome class.He explained everything in detail regarding the topic I choose. I would love to take other classes by Alndre.

    5 out of 5