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There was a time, when I wished to become a ballerina, writing dancer. A time when I dreamt of sharing the sparkles of fine artwork and craft from a stage, from a book, from a well composed and inspiring scene. That dream, has been with me and it has evolved as life has taken her turns with me. My quest of understanding the wonders of life, human behavior and emotions granted me a master’s degree in behavioral science with a major in psychology. I took up studies in movement, yoga och philosophy early on and I have been teaching non-linear movement and exploring the psychology of behavior and movement communication for more than 15 years alongside empowerment education. Over the years of teaching, the practice has evolved and deepened. My studies continue to this day in the areas of psychology, behavior and communication, as there is always something new to learn and unpack.

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My background & experience

It all started in the fall of -99, in search of a connection between movement and spirituality. I found it in Yoga. After som years of practice, I decided to dive deeper into the teachings and took the first of many teacher trainings. I've been teaching since 2004. And it's been a journey of twists and turns (quite literally actually). Like many of us in the early days, I started with ashtanga yoga but I was missing the fluidity and freedom of movement. Over the years I've encountered different styles and teachers, within the yoga community as well as in other disciplines of movement who have inspired my style of teaching and informed the way I have developed my own practice and "brand".
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My classes and teaching style

Throughout my teaching career I have met and spoken to students who have been struck by the creativity and openness of my teaching. Students are always encouraged to explore movement within the framework and guidance I offer, as they are suggestions on the journey of finding your own intelligent edge. The classes are fluid, non-linear, repetitive as they offer opportunity for flow and creativity. Classes have different themes that empower you, offer guidance and give food for thought.

My certifications

Yoga philosophy with Dr. Ravi Ravindra, Krotona Institute, Ojai California 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Yoga as therapy with Doug Keller, Stockholm, 2014, 2016 Primal Longings of the Heart, Kira Sloane,Stockholm 2014 Vinyasa Flow, sequencing Teacher Training, Julie Martin Stockholm, 2013 Restorative Yoga - Teacher Training, Goa Indien, 2013 Anatomy of Self love, Kira Sloane, Paris 2013 Yoga Teacher Training 200h, Nordiska Yoga Institutet, Stockholm 2011 - 2012 And many more

My student reviews

  • Kaylee L

    This class was a mix of stretch, flow and relaxation. Alexandra K has a great energy! Highly recommended!

    5 out of 5

  • Diana F

    Amazing class! One of the best yoga/stretch/movement meditation classes I have attended (I teach yoga myself). Very knowledgeable teacher and create and very pleasant sequence. I felt stretched, relaxed and light at the end.

    5 out of 5

  • Kylie H

    Alex is an excellent coach! I left the class feeling so relaxed and stretched out! Highly recommend :)

    5 out of 5

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