A Day in The Life of Alexandra K

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

No one wants to feel like they are just “getting through” their days. Conquering the clutter in our homes can pave the way for a simpler and more intentional way of living, no matter our season of life. I love helping my clients simplify their homes and lives so they can focus on the things that truly matter to them.

Your Daily Routine


Wake up and get my kid off to daycare and my husband to work.


Drink my morning coffee(s) while watching the news (CBS Mornings is my favorite!)


I look at my day’s to-do list that I prepared the night before. I also do any virtual/phone consultations I have scheduled that day.


Scheduled in-home organizational sessions take place.


If I’m working from home that day, I make myself a smoothie for lunch.


I workout. Some of my favorite workouts include running, P90x, and Pilates.

2:30pm – 4:00pm

Work on my business, social media, and any financial or backend work that needs to be done.


Run any errands before picking up my son from daycare.


Start making dinner and packing lunches for the next day.


Family time including dinner, and going for a walk, and watching tv.


On days I teach virtually through Amphy, my husband takes care of dinner and bedtime. I love being able to reach people not immediately in my service area and share my passion of simplifying things to simplify life.


Put my son to sleep and look at the next day’s schedule, plan out my to-do list, and practice my Spanish (my son and I are learning together!)


Spend quality time with my husband relaxing and watching our favorite show, Big Bang Theory.


Bedtime – I like to fall asleep listening to a podcast or audiobook.

About the author:

Alexandra has hosted a variety of classes and webinars on home organization and simplifying your life. She started Living Simply PGH in 2019 to help people make the connection between living simply and peace of mind.

Sustainable organizing is unique to a person’s lifestyle, personality, and circumstances. Alexandra will get to know you while going through your space to conquer the clutter to pave way for a simpler and more intentional way of living.