Let's go to Madrid: A Fun and Interactive Course!

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45 min
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Join an immersive class where you'll not only unlock the lingo but also unleash your detective skills. Explore iconic landmarks, indulge in delicious tapas, and discover the vibrant nightlife. Make Madrid's trip an unforgettable learning experience!

What you'll learn

Welcome to my course, "Spanish Adventure in Madrid: Unlock the Language and Unleash Your Detective Skills!" This summer, I've designed an exciting class specifically for Spanish learners planning to travel to Madrid, Spain. Inspired by the captivating book 'Madrid, ¡Qué Aventura!' by Blanca Cortazar, you'll embark on a thrilling journey with Alicia and her three best friends.

As we virtually explore the vibrant streets of Madrid, visiting iconic landmarks, museums, and parks, you'll f... 
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This class is perfect for

All Spanish learners levels

What to bring

Ready to embark on a fun and interactive journey to explore Madrid, Spain? Before we set off, here are a few essential items you'll need to fully participate in this exciting course:
1. Audio Materials: To enhance your listening skills and immerse you in the Spanish culture, I'll provide you with some engaging audio materials. These will help you understand the language and the unique sounds of Madrid.
2. Motivation and Desire to Learn: This is a fun course, but it's also a learning journey. Your motivation and eagerness to learn are key to making the most out of this experience. So, bring your enthusiasm and let's explore Madrid together!
3. Textbooks and Reading Materials: To support your learning, I'll provide textbooks and reading materials. These will give you a deeper understanding of Madrid's history, culture, and language.
Remember, you can ask for your materials after booking this class. I can't wait to guide you through the beautiful streets of Madrid, helping you learn and grow along the way. Let's make your learning experience unforgettable!
Group sessionUp to 2 seats
Group sessionUp to 2 seats

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Jeff Morales

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Foreign Languages have led me to work as a teacher in multicultural and diverse countries, such as the United States. I'm a passionate language teacher with a solid academic background in Modern Languages. I've gained language skills through certification courses like Cambridge Assessment English, obtaining IELTS Academic and EF SET Certificate - C1 Advanced in English. I have extensive teaching experience in both Spanish and English, specializing in exam preparation. My goal is to create a positive, inclusive, and engaging learning environment for all my students. I've completed university training in pedagogy, methodologies, and educational technologies. Since 2020, I've taught online, conducting over 2000 group and individual lessons. Let's create a stimulating and rewarding learning journey together!

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