ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Beginners

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60 min
Group Course

Learn the latest industry strategies, tips, and tricks for creating powerful chatbot experiences with interactive live lessons!

What you'll learn

Crafting Conversations with ChatGPT: A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT or any other Chatbot

Session 1: Laying the Foundation
- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots 
- Basics of Prompt Engineering 
- Key Terminologies in Prompt Engineering 
- Understanding the Role of Prompts in Chatbot Interactions 

Session 2: Designing Engaging Dialogues
- Instructing AI: Types of Prompting Techniques 
- Developing Creative Prompts for Conversational Flow 
- ... 
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What to bring

Willingness to learn while having some chatbot fun!
Group sessionUp to 500 seats
Group sessionUp to 500 seats

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Learn ,data-science.chatgpt,data-science.deep-learning-and-machine-learning, with Uohna T | Amphy
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Uohna Thiessen, Ph.D.

Your teacher

Uohna Thiessen, Ph.D., is a consultant data scientist at Accenture in AdTech practice, working with one of the top-performing corporate tech companies (MAANG). She teaches statistics, quantitative analysis, data science, and machine learning at various U.S. institutions, including the California Institute of Technology and the Flatiron School in NYC. Machine learning models she developed in sectors such as medicine, advertising, and financial technology were designed in R, Python, and SPSS, as well as MS Azure, Google TensorFlow, and Apache PySpark. Uohna holds a Ph.D. in Epidemiology (biostatistics concentration) from Walden University and a B.Sc in biochemistry from Oakwood University. She is certified in Cloud computing and machine learning engineering through Google (GCP) and Microsoft (Azure). Dr. Uohna Thiessen is a data scientist and data science educator whose mission is to provide access to data science education to as many people as possible.

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