Breaking into Data Science

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Breaking into Data Science-0

This course is designed for career-switchers in their first steps toward becoming a data analyst or data scientist. You'll understand how to break into data and leave with confidence on a path that is tailored to YOU.

What you'll learn

This is a 5-course series in which you will learn 1) What data analysts/scientists do on a daily basis 2) What skills are required and recommended 3) How to develop an action plan SPECIFICALLY for your onramp into data 4) How YOUR current skills may transfer to the world of data and 5) How to quickly find the resources you need when you get stuck.

This class is perfect for

Anyone with a desire to explore the possibility of changing careers to data analytics or data science, OR those who want direction and guidance to develop a "roadmap" to a career change.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Nothing is required, but it would be helpful if you have Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, RStudio, and Python ready and installed on your computer. We can also walk through how to do that during the course.
Group sessionUp to 20 seats
Group sessionUp to 20 seats

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Scott Filleman

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Dr. Filleman's experience in education is extensive. While his focus has been in K-12 instrumental music education, he has also taught 6-12 grade English and US History. He served as a school administrator for four years, and a university professor for three. He has created award-winning band and choir programs from the ground up at seven school sites in two states at the elementary, middle, high school, and university levels. His familiarity with using data to make decisions at a variety of management levels gave him a unique perspective when transitioning careers into data science. He was able to craft his own curriculum using online and print resources that demonstrated he could easily communicate to diverse stakeholders, a wide variety of domains, and target the data for a given audience. He currently works in the field of aviation, focusing on using data science to improve safety.

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