Virtual Exhibit: City of David Ancient Jerusalem

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60 min
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Let's explore the place where the Bible was written and the archeological discoveries of the last 150 years including recent months!

What you'll learn

Let's visit together the ancient part of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem that King David turned into his capital 3000 years ago. We will walk between the most important archeological excavations in Israel, learn how the biblical story connects with the geography, history, and the artifacts that were found there will talk about David and Bathsheba, the King Solomon's crowning, and the brutal siege of foreign empires over Jerusalem. Towards the end of our tour, We will also visit the Siloam pool and learn about its significance to Christianity and the deep connection of Jesus to the house of David. 

Using 3D models, videos, pictures, and photospheres we will unfold the story of the first temple period and the formative era of the Bible. If you are interested in learning about this fascinating chapter in Jewish History and this amazing site - that's the tour you want to book!

This class is perfect for

families, groups of friends, teams at work, religious congregations (churches, synagogues), senior homes, and more
Learn ,, with Itamar B | Amphy

Meet Itamar Ben David,

Your teacher

I am a licensed guide in Israel and hopefully one day I will get to meet you guys in person. Until then - let's explore Israel virtually! Besides guiding I used to sing in a band for many years, and I will be happy to share some Hebrew songs with you during the session. I have deep knowledge of the history, archeology, faiths, traditions, culture, and politics of the region, a BA in Middle East History and Islam, and years of studying the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths.

What to bring

Join me on zoom and come with a lot of curiosity and openness

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