Introduction to Live Simply Plant Based

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Explaining the definition of a plant based lifestyle, and touching on the health benefits related to it.

What you'll learn

We will begin by discussing what a plant based lifestyle entails. From there we will discuss some of the health benefits of following a plant based lifestyle, such as sustainable weight loss, disease prevention, increased immunity and energy, and the low carbohydrate myth, the difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, and the high protein myth, in which we will discuss plant proteins and amino acids. It is important to understand why a plant based lifestyle is the most healthy and sustainable lifestyle on the planet. 

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle, looking to lose weight, boost immunity, prevent disease, and potentially lengthen their life.
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Meet Caroline Hale,

Your teacher

My passion for discovery led me to a plant based lifestyle following years of gynecological problems. After being put through many surgical procedures, and treated with the usual pharmaceutical approach to illness, I began researching natural alternatives. Following my education, I opened up a consulting practice to help other people who were not getting the relief they so desperately needed. I now have over 30 years experience in the health, nutrition and fitness field. Every little change in achieving your plant based lifestyle is a step toward greater health and vitality. Take the plant based journey with me to optimal health!

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