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Hi there! I offer a well-balanced program of chess lessons. From absolute beginners who want to learn to play chess. To well-experienced players who wish to go further and deeper into the beauty and techniques of the chess world.

What you'll learn

Learn to play chess with online chess lessons from a chess coach. Discover the limits of your abilities by practicing with your chess coach. Guidance can take you from a casual chess player to a tournament-winning champion.
We will review a lot of aspects of the chess game by learning and practicing topics such as:
-Tactical thinking
-Theory in chess
-Analyzing games
-Strategical concepts
-Endgame principals
-Opening ideas and many more

After assessing your skill level I will provide well-balanced chess lessons based on your needs. That means it doesn't matter how good or bad you are at chess. It doesn't matter whether you're an absolute beginner or a well-experienced chess player. If you want chess lessons you've come to the right place.
Chess theory and tactical thinking are important to learn in chess. Practice alone is good for improving your skills too. Unfortunately alone that is not enough. After a while, a player with chess theory will outsmart the player without it. By learning chess theory you are able to know the best move in any position at only a glance. This frees up your time to focus on the rest of the game.
To become the best you can be, you must also learn the stages of the game. There are three parts, openings, middlegame, and endgame. For each phase of chess, we will learn the corresponding strategy.
Openings are the beginning of the game. This phase lasts from the first player's first move until most of the pieces are in the center. The idea during this phase is to develop stronger pieces while defending the king.
There is no definitive moment where the openings end and the middlegame begins. One indication that you've progressed to the middlegame is having castled the king. Once you castle the king and most pieces are in the center you've begun the middlegame.
Endgame is the last part of the game. In this phase, teams battle it out to put the other player in checkmate. There are usually very few pieces left in play. Sometimes it is only the king and a few ponds left in the endgame.
Wherever you stand in your chess skill and whatever you want to learn this is the place for you. I'll individualize the class to suit your needs making sure we target your weak points. Book a live online lesson and take yourself to the top!

This class is perfect for

All levels of chess players.
From absolute beginners to well-experienced players
Learn ,chess.chess, with Tomer B | Amphy

Meet Tomer Ben,

Your teacher

I have been a professional player for many years from a young age. I played many tournaments both locally and abroad . I am a former player for the Israeli youth national team and have been representing my country in European championships participated in international competitions. I have become a professional teacher after i felt i wanted a change in my chess career and retired from professional chess. I have been a chees teacher and coach for years now.

How to participate

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