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Chess lessons with my carefully prepared training program. Classes are fully adjusted to the student's needs. Study the best chess openings both from past and recent games, which is not so easy to find anywhere else. For advanced players.

What you'll learn

Openings in chess can decide the outcome of the rest of the game. By practicing the best chess openings with a chess coach you'll be able to make quicker in-game decisions. With a qualified chess coach like myself, you'll learn how to always choose the best next move.

In these chess lessons, I am going to present material customized for you. We'll use analysis of famous games or the student’s own games to learn what is best and what is not.

We'll learn about each stage of chess with a focus on openings. Depending on what the student needs to focus on, we'll also learn the middlegame or the endgame in the game of chess.

Questions are very welcome. If there is anything you don't understand this will be your chance to ask the grandmaster chess coach.

It's fine if we work a little longer than the allotted class time. The most important thing is that we do really good chess analysis.

By the end of this class, you will know the best chess
openings that you can use in games. Become better at playing and choosing the right move to make next.

Most importantly, we will have fun and enjoy this engaging, challenging, and rewarding game.
What do you gain from playing chess?

On top of being fun, social, and engaging, chess has many wellness benefits too. Sure by playing chess you'll have a hobby you can enjoy with friends and other chess fans. It can last you well into your old age and be playing chess in parks when you're 98. But that's not all chess can do for you. In fact, one of the reasons we see older folks playing chess so much is because chess keeps your mind sharp.
Playing chess improves your cognitive abilities. So as you get older just by playing chess, you can slow down the development of dementia and other memory issues.
Playing chess improves your higher-order thinking skills. Skills that you use in your everyday tasks. Decision-making, thinking ahead, creativity, and more are all developed by chess playing. So if you want to keep your mind sharp then keep playing chess.
Book a live lesson with me and start improving your chess skills today. Learn the openings and tactics that will take you to the top. Don't be shy, click that " book now" button and I'll see you soon!

This class is perfect for

Improving the level of chess playing.
Up to and including Advanced players.
Anyone with a spare 30 mins in their day.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Mihajlo S | Amphy

Meet Mihajlo Stojanovic,

Your teacher

Coach of the national teams of Japan, Serbia, and Switzerland in period 2006 - 2022 (different years and competitions of course). The teams I was coaching faced the fantastic Magnus Carlsen twice and quite surprisingly, he lost both games. He lost against Ivaniševic, the best Serbian player for a long time, in Greece in 2007, and against Pelletier (best Swiss player for many years) in Reykjavik in 2015.

How to participate

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