Building your Business from the ground up

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1.5 hour
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Helping you formulate a foundational, sustainable and reusable business strategy and plan to run and scale up a small business

What you'll learn

This class will be centered on clarifying he 5 main elements of any Business strategy. You can use this strategy for any type of business and even various areas of your personal life. The 5th element is so important as it provides a base for an actionable business plan that will help you get and stay on track, performing at higher levels, providing more impact to your clients and increase your long term return on investment. I use the elements in this class for big business as well.

This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for you if you want to sustain your business through any adversities that may occur in our global environment. It provides a clear strategy that is flexible but strong for sustained growth whilst staying on purpose.
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Meet Barbara Mutedzi,

Your teacher

I am a multi-passionate coach with a love of science and other subject areas that provide clear and tangible evidence to activities, thoughts and actions that accelerate and sustain personal, professional and business growth. My background includes, but is not limited to Psychology, Socio-cultural and Medical Anthropology, Neuroscience-based coaching, Consciousness and Spiritualism. I am big on mindfulness, love running and meditation, contemplation and self expansion. I am also a yoga instructor, so grateful for the union of the mind, body and spirit that the discipline provides. As a Speaker and an author of 2 books, plus more than 40 articles on platforms like LinkedIn, I love to share, teach and showcase how we can design and live the lives we want, need and deserve.

What to bring

Bring your planner, diary and journal. The class is going to be hands on and interactive.

How to participate

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