Basic chess: Group Lesson 2 Students at Least

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Basic chess: Group Lesson 2 Students at Least-0Basic chess: Group Lesson 2 Students at Least-1Basic chess: Group Lesson 2 Students at Least-2
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Basic chess: Group Lesson 2 Students at Least-0

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Introductory group chess lesson where I want to introduce my students to the magic of the chess world. Learn to play chess. Learn how to win chess and become a grandmaster. Join my chess for beginners live class to improve your skills.

What you'll learn

In this group class, we will learn chess for beginners. We'll practice playing, learn strategies, and how to win chess. Every great story has a start, let this be your start to becoming a chess grandmaster. To be the best you have to train like the best. Join this class to improve your playing in a systematic way so you can reach your goals as a player.

To learn chess for beginners you'll start with the rules of chess. Every piece has a set of moves it can make. To play the game you need to learn which piece is which. You will learn the strength of chess pieces and which ones are more valuable. This is important when learning how to win chess games.
If you already know what each piece does we'll move on to learning basic tactics. Basic tactics will give you that edge you need to rise above the competition. There are three main phases of the game to master when you learn to play chess. They are chess openings, middlegame, and endgame.

Chess openings
At the beginning of a chess game, all the pieces are in their starting position. The opening is the phase of the game where players begin to move their pawns and set up pieces in the center of the board. At this point, players are trying to gain control of the center while defending the king.
The quickest checkmate in chess can occur during this phase. It is called the fools mate. The black pieces can do this checkmate in only 2 moves. It's called the fool's mate because you feel like a fool for not seeing it coming. To avoid losing, players will move pieces and try to castle as soon as possible.

There is no tangible moment when the middlegame starts. That being said there are different tactics and strategies for middlegame than openings and endgames. In general, it is when the pieces have developed and the king is castled. In this phase, each player’s positional understanding will be put to the test.

This is the crucial phase where I will help you learn to play chess and obtain the knowledge to win. Endgames are when most of the pieces on both teams have been captured. I will teach my knowledge of technical positions and offer ways of practicing to be a concrete player. I will teach the basics and help instill new ways for you to succeed in the fundamentals of the king and pawn-end games. You will improve your practical end game skills and techniques.

Let's work through these skills together.....

This class is perfect for

All types of chess students ready to improve their chess knowledge.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Nikola N | Amphy

Meet Nikola Nestorovic,

Your teacher

Achieving the title of Grandmaster that I managed in 2016 is the proudest moment of my chess career! I will point out my best playing performance so far in which I managed to secure a second Grandmaster norm in the chess league in Sarajevo. With the performance of 2770, I managed to achieve my second norm after just 6 rounds. As a valuable aspect of my career, I would like to mention playing for various teams all across Europe, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Bosnia, and of course Serbia. I would also like to point out my performance for SK: Augsburg in the First League of Germany (Bundesliga) and draw with black against GM Rapport!

What to bring

Nothing special.
A sharp mind and positive attitude.

How to participate

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