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I am an ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance Teacher, and has been teaching yoga for 8 years and practicing for more than 13 years. What has drawn me to this yoga lifestyle is the presence that I have gained and knowing that theres absolutely nothing I can control. Teaching Yoga also helped me to connect with other likeminded being practicing gratitude daily. To me success may not be the same as the societal idea of what success is , being able to appreciate the breath and the mind body connection is enough reason to be grateful daily . Basking in the vibrancy of life means leaving the past behind and not living in the future.. The only way to live is the stay in the moment, with pure consciousness, pure awareness and pure bliss. SAT CHIT Ananda. Yoga is a tool to stay present and to stay mindful moment to moment breath to breath.

background and experience

My background & experience

In 2008 - I started practicing meditation 2011- Start of Asana Practice 2013- 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teachers Training (Pascale Wettstein-Mudra Yoga) Vinyasa Focus Founded Yoga Now Centre (Changed Name to Mindful Yoga Cebu in 2019) 2014- Trained for 35 hours Yin Yoga Teachers Training by Jo Phee 2015- Founded Yoga Tree Mactan ( closed within a year) 2016- Founded Yoga Now Mactan changed Name to Mindful Yoga Cebu in 2019) 2017- 300hours Yoga Alliance Teachers Training ( Hari Om Yoga Cascina Bellaria - Sezzadio Italy ) 2018- ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher 2018- Lead Trainer for RYS200 Yoga Alliance Teachers Training 2018- Trained for 65 Hours Mysofascial Release Yin Yoga by Jo Phee 2019- Certified RYS200 Yoga Alliance School from 2018 to present we are on our 7th Batch of RYS200 Yoga Teachers Training. 2020- Trained foe 50 hours of Flyhigh Yoga Teachers Training by Jose Luis Jimenez 2021- Founded Aerial Yoga Cebu

My classes and teaching style

I teach vinyasa focus classes, that explore the body with its own set of compression and tension. I teach functional yoga with emphasis on each one's unique body with its limitation and its potential to go deeper . This translate to yoga asana not looking the same from the outside. My Yin Yoga Training , greatly influenced all my teaching as it gave me the tool to look at everyone differently, we do not have the same bone nor the same connective tissue tensions, therefore our yoga asana eventually wouldn't look the same way. We need to honour our different body. Yoga is for every "body" , we only need to discover that body through our target areas, whether beginner or long time practitioner , we benefit from knowing our own anatomy.

My certifications

ERYT- 500 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher YACEP- Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Yin Yoga Certified Teacher Aerial Yoga Certified Teacher