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Jackie’s educational background in Linguistics and Psychoanalysis, along with her experience as an English/Spanish Translator has given her a solid base from which to approach English teaching. She enjoys teaching English, so her classes are engaging and productive. Jackie has the tools she needs to understand her students’ learning style, gained through her specific combination of education, work experience and creativity. Thanks to her experience working in business environments Jackie is in her element when she helps business executives, scientists and professionals improve their English or Spanish language skills.

background and experience

My background & experience

I am an English-Spanish translator and teacher currently living in Spain. I first started teaching at NIU, Illinois, USA, as a Teaching Assistant, and once I graduated from my Master's degree I started to work as a Court interpreter and translator. After a few years I came to Spain, where I am teaching English and Spanish, while I still work as a translator (specialized in Psychology). Being a translator helps me better understand the process of learning a foreign language as an adult and develop my teaching and language coaching techniques. I enjoy researching and trying different techniques to create my classes and creating my own materials. On-line Teacher of English as a Second Language. Independent Language Consultant: Written Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation and consecutive interpretation for company clients in Spain. P.A. & Translator to the CEO at three different companies in Spain. Teacher of English as a Second Language for Professionals in Spain. Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language for Professionals of the Police Dept. in Illinois, USA. English-Spanish Court Interpreter and Translator in Illinois, U.S.A. Teaching Assistant of Spanish as a Second Language at N.I.U.

My classes and teaching style

My method is based on conversation with feedback and embedded exercises and explanations, in order to adapt what I teach and how I teach it to your specific needs and learning style. It works like this: We would have an initial conversation that I would lead by asking you questions and making comments. While you talk, I would listen carefully for certain indicators (weak spots) and take down some notes on your pronunciation, grammar structures, use of verb tenses, range of vocabulary and so on, in order to assess your needs and decide on a specific approach for your classes. Then, during each class we would talk, and at certain points I would explain a grammar point, correct your pronunciation or provide the right grammatical structure, new words and idiomatic expressions you need, within the context of our conversation. This way, I would be helping you when you need it, when the problem or question arises, to use momentum in the learning process to our advantage: answering your questions and knowledge gaps right then and there is an extreme powerful technique. Then, I would create exercises and provide study material for you to work on your own to reinforce what you learn in class and help you remember it. Then I will encourage you to use the newly learned material and consolidate prior knowledge. One step at a time, you will gain fluency and feel gradually more and more comfortable speaking English.

My certifications

1986-1989 English Teaching Certificate Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) - Madrid Education Degree with an Emphasis in English Teaching 1990-1991 B.A. Spanish NIU - DeKalb, Illinois, USA Bachelor of Arts Degree 1993 Dean's Award NIU - DeKalb, Illinois, USA Top Academic Performance 1991-1993 M.A. Spanish-English Translation NIU - DeKalb, Illinois, USA Master of Arts Degree 1997-1997 English-Spanish Translation CMS - Madrid, Spain English-Spanish translation certificate 2014-2014 English Proficiency C2 Certificate Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Cambridge Universities (CamLA) - Madrid, Spain English Proficiency accreditation 2015-2018 Psychoanalysis Madrid Association of Psychoanalytical Psycotherapy - Madrid, Spain Freud's works and Melanie Klein's works in Psychoanalysis
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Marie M

It was amazing, It was beyond

It was amazing, It was beyond my expectations, Jackie is very knowledgeable and gave me excellent feedback.

Ben N

Ben N

I enjoyed my time with Jackie.

I enjoyed my time with Jackie. She is very personable, was attentive to my specific needs and adapted the lesson plan accordingly

Luis D

It was my first time at an onl

It was my first time at an online class and I was surprised how well this could work out in the internet. This is for me the best and most flexible choice of a language course, as I have to work ...

María Elena P

It was my first time attending

It was my first time attending an online English class and I feel very grateful for having met Jackie! I was very surprised how well it went! Jackie is an outstanding teacher for business Englis...