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Steph is a musician and community music teacher from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. She is a performer in Paisley & Plaid folk trio and has dedicated her career to helping people have the powerfully healthy act of music making in their lives. Steph believes everyone can make music.

background and experience

My background & experience

Ukulele: Steph (she/her) is a fully qualified James Hill Ukulele Initiate teacher with 10 years of ukulele teaching experience. Her ukulele teaching began as an accompaniment to singing and as she studied ukulele teaching techniques, she expanded her knowledge of what a ukulele is capable of and went on to explore fingerpicking instrumental pieces and solo improvisation. Steph runs a community ukestra (contemporary ukulele ensemble) and an instrumental ukulele quartet. Online, Steph teaches private lessons, ukulele literacy (music theory with ukulele), From Newcomer To Super Strummer courses, jams and various workshops. Singing: Steph discovered her singing talents in her early twenties by accident and music quickly became her full time passion and profession. She went straight into studying music theory and vocal technique with the aim of being a professional choir director. Steph has been a singer and choir director for 25 years. She currently directs a women’s choir and has been the musical director of many community choirs and special community projects. Steph teaches private voice lessons and group vocal harmony classes online.

My classes and teaching style

Steph teaches ukulele and vocal technique. Ukulele: - Chord Strumming - Chord picking patterns - Melody picking and instrumental fingerpicking - Ukulele Literacy - Music Theory learnt on the ukulele Vocal Lessons: - structured singing technique lessons - pitch and vocal expression - song structure and text interpretation The goal is to start with solid, correct techniques and build skills in a progressive, targeted way to empower students to participate in music in a meaningful way. More established players are encouraged to develop their artistry and expression.

My certifications

James Hill Ukulele Initiative - Fully Qualified - Level 3 teacher and program mentor. Associate Diploma of Music Performance (Jazz/Popular) Double Degree of Music/Education - 2nd year complete.
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Kaylee L

Kaylee L

Amazing!! Steph is an incredib

Amazing!! Steph is an incredible teacher! she is passionate, encouraging and fun! Highly recommend!!