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Hello. I am Silvia! I am a literally artistic junkie. If its painting, music, or artistic projects- I am your girl! I have a background as a multidisciplinary artist bring to life projects in painting, bullet journaling, crocheting, and using diverse mediums to create final results. My process of creating art draws from diverse influences. Therefore, the depiction of my work varies. I am also influenced by the Sahara environment, which is evident from when I travel around my country and abroad. I started painting for fun and slowly grew into using this as a source of income. Today, it contributes to at least 40% of my revenue through being a teacher and by selling the products. I would love for you to join on my classes in painting, planning, bullet journaling, business in art. I believe the tips I share here may enable you to have similar and better results than I have. Can't wait to see you.

background and experience

My background & experience

I have been a freelance artist for the past 7 years and 3 years ago I started teaching my skills. My focus has been a balance of art and business. Showing how individuals can incorporate skills from business to develop their passion. This has been successful in posting classes and YouTube videos to my audience. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy the process.

My classes and teaching style

I focus on experiential learning. I want my students to be fully immersed in the process and the growth of it. Therefore, I encourage making mistakes, finding your light. You can always have fun when you remove the pressure from things!

My certifications

Bachelor of Science in Economics. Certified in Business Development
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Kylie H

Kylie H

Such an awesome class for help

Such an awesome class for helping me set and accomplish my goals!!

stephen c

I enjoyed and learned alot fro

I enjoyed and learned alot from the class Project. I need more of this.Thank you teacher Silvia.