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His studies took him from High School in Vancouver, Canada to studies in Israel where he learned some notions of Hebrew. His next stop was 4 years of the diamond industry in Antwerp. In his early 20s, he became interested in theology and went back to school. On graduation, he entered the French-speaking Ministry in Quebec and France for some 25 years. He resides near Paris and founded the English language France tourism site At the same time, studying the Bible based on Biblical Hebrew gave rise to the seven-book series The Explanation, the podcast, and his latest book, Evidence for Bible Wisdom. The books, Bible commentaries on Genesis 1-3, and what you will learn in his classes, are based on Biblical Hebrew. He has created a method allowing you to study the original language without the hassle of vocabulary, grammar, conjugations... You get into the original intended meaning of the Scriptures from the first minutes of every class.

background and experience

My background & experience

I've taught the Bible for 45+ years with the unique method 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew... with no-fuss for 10+ years.

My classes and teaching style

My classes teach you how to unlock Bible meaning based on the original language. I take you beyond translations. You will quickly realize that English words cannot translate the depth of Biblical Hebrew.

My certifications

BA in Liberal Arts with emphasis on Theology. Fifty years of field and writing experience.
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Eremasi V

Eremasi V

Sam is a great mentor. His fai

Sam is a great mentor. His faith is greatly expressed in his enthusiasm to teach about the Bible.