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My favorite discussion topic is:books.I read about two hundred books during my studies Comparative Literature.It is mostly fiction and modern literature.My favorite writers are:Dostoyevsky,Puskin,Tolstoy,Gogoly,Stendal,Balzac,Rusou,Bayron. I like to ride a bike,to swim and to climb. My hobbies are trips and excursions.These are the countries I visited:Germany,Austria,Holland,Slovakia and Hungary.

background and experience

My background & experience

My name is Nataša.I'm 39 years old.I graduated Comparative literature at Faculty of Philosophy,University of Novi Sad.After my graduation,I worked as a high school professor.I have always been interested in English language and literature.In 2011,I was in Graz where I attended a seminar called:"Interamerican studies and transferable skills" For a long time now,I'm officially unemployed.I support myself by giving private lessons(Serbian,English,Russian) for high school students.I help them with reading and understaning,but also,with any other educational problem,they may encounter.

My classes and teaching style

I cover all topics that my students are interested in.The precondition is that the student is primarily interested in the topic being taught.Basically,I insist on conversation,but any other teaching method comes into play.I cover a wide field of interest,and I look forward to every new issue.I'm always interested in new topics and I am gladly available to my students.

My certifications

Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad-Department of Comparative literature-Diploma 2009. Interamerican studies and Transferable skills-University of Graz 2011.
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Eremasi V

Eremasi V

Natasha was quite easy to get

Natasha was quite easy to get along with. She is very passionate about her class.