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My whole life is about chess. I started playing when I was 7, became Woman International Master in 18 and Grandmaster in 21. My husband is also chess coach, our 2 kids are naturally playing chess too. The younger son is 3 year only)) I traveled around the globe to participate in international chess tournaments and had pleasure to work in one of the best chess clubs in the world Dubai chess club for 4 years.

background and experience

My background & experience

I started my first classes with a group of kids in 2004. I have been an active online chess coach since 2006. My students range from 5-year-old kids to 80+-year-old players who love the game. From 2010 to 2014 I trained girls in Dubai, many of them became national champions in their age categories. I love teaching and can't wait to see you in class!

My classes and teaching style

I offer practical lessons, where student takes most active part in training. So rather than clever lecters,when teacher explains some matherial, I suggest student to find his or her own answers first, and then explain the point. I can analyze the games, teach openings, endgames but most attention is to middlegame.

My certifications

Woman Grandmaster FIDE coach Bachelor degree in applied lingustics
100% (9 reviews)

Itzhak Y

She is very clear, patient and

She is very clear, patient and helped me alot! very recommended

Don D

She is kind and insightful. I

She is kind and insightful. I will book more lessons with her.

Darren C

Incredibly kind, very clear in

Incredibly kind, very clear instruction, and improved my chess game immediately even after just 1 lesson. Would recommend, 5/5!

Joseph P

Myroslava H was very amiable a

Myroslava H was very amiable and a very good teacher.