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Mireille is a mom to 3, a women’s strength coach and runs “Live it Fitness”. She has been offering small group-, personal -, and online training for the last 6+ years. She is a social worker turned fitness professional and a big mental health advocate. Several things in her own personal journey lead her to wanting to start teaching fitness classes for women with a focus on: FEELING good and strong; and encouraging women to claim their time to invest in themselves (body and mind). Movement became one of her coping-mechanisms when she struggled with postpartum anxiety. That, combined with her past with disordered eating and her journey of healing that relationship with food and exercise…made her feel strongly pulled to offer a fresh and positive voice in the fitness industry. One that is focused on goals BEYOND aesthetics. She wants to support you to find a healthy, enjoyable, maintainable relationship with fitness. One that will help you feel and be strong, empowered and confident. Now AND at an older age. Besides strength classes, she supports women to turn pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms (like leaking upon impact) around. She has an 8 week group program and classes on Amphy to support women with education and implementation.

background and experience

My background & experience

7 years of training women online and in person and help them feel confident in- and outside of the gym!

My classes and teaching style

Strength Training for women in ANY stage of life (whether you are 30 or 60+). My aim for you: to feel comfortable, safe, confident and strong in- and outside of the gym and to find JOY in the journey! New to strength? Unsure what to do or how to do it? Worried about an existing or past injury? Looking for modifications so you can meet yourself where you are currently at and challenge yourself safely? 
I’d love to support you to build strong foundations for LIFE!

My certifications

AFLCA, Pre-and Postnatal certification (Fit4Two). Social Work BA.
100% (13 reviews)

Holly H

I tried to join the class, but

I tried to join the class, but I kept getting an error message that said Fetching Order Data Failed. I tried different devices, but kept getting the same message. I hope I can join the class an...

Autumn W

I had such a great time attend

I had such a great time attending Mireille's class today. She was super engaging, made sure that we had the right form and were doing what was right for us, and checked in often to see how we wer...

Clara B

Clara B

Great workout! Loved the class

Great workout! Loved the class and learned a lot!

Clara B

Clara B

Really enjoyed the class with

Really enjoyed the class with Mireille! She guided us through each exercise and shared lots of valuable information throughout! Great combination of exercises which made the workout both fun and ...