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Hello I am Kuldeep, I like computers, coding and also teaching people how to code in different programming languages.

background and experience

My background & experience

Hello, I am currently working as a software engineer with India’s 3rd largest IT company, HCL Technologies. I have developed many web applications and also made some tools which are powered by Machine learning models. I want to transfer my knowledge among everyone whoever is interested in coding.

My classes and teaching style

I like to treat everyone as my friend so that we can communicate because communication is the key, if we can’t communicate well then we don’t understand the condition of the other ones. I like to teach in an applicational way means whatever thing we are learning firstly we should know where we are going apply that.

My certifications

I got a certificate from Udemy In machine learning and Data Science.. Link :- https://github.com/Kuldeepkdg/My_certificates/blob/main/ML_Certificate.png
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Jitendra M

Teacher is well engaged in cla

Teacher is well engaged in class and explained the concepts with good examples. Also encouraged to do he things on own.