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Ken is the founder of Bator Training & Consulting, Inc. (BTC), as well as the Police Officers’ Credit Union Association (POCUA), and has more than 20 years of experience in helping organizations reach new levels of effectiveness by aligning their brand, culture, and strategy. He is the author of The Formula for Business Success = B + C + S and The Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning: The 90-Day Quick Fix for the Business Owner or Manager. Born and raised in Chicago, Ken currently resides in Southern California.

background and experience

My background & experience

Ken has hosted and produced several podcasts including Branding the Experience, Cool Culture Corner, the CU Business News Podcast, Public Safety Talk Radio, and Beyond the Call. His articles have appeared in many publications including The Credit Union Journal, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, CU Business Magazine, ABA Bank Marketing, and as one of the first category directors of the recently launched Podcast Magazine. Ken is a well sought-after speaker and has presented during several conferences, both in-person and virtually, worldwide including an appearance as an “Icon of Influence” during the New Media Summit.

My classes and teaching style

Ken believes in the three "E's" of teaching and presenting: entertain first, engage second, and educate third. It allows for a more collaborative style and discussion-based class rather than a lecture. Ken's classes are based upon his B+C+S Formula or, in other words, brand, culture, and strategy alignment. We answer the three critical business questions: - What is the image we want to promote to the public? - What is the experience we need to create both for and through our employees? - How do we drive more of the right business to our business?

My certifications

Ken earned a BS in Finance and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from DePaul University as well as a Certification in Integrated Marketing from the University of Chicago.
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