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Meet Kailash Baskar,

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I am an jovial fun loving person, who loves coding and have interest in teaching and mentoring young individuals to step up and build their knowledge in all aspects of life.

background and experience

My background & experience

I was working as a lead software developer throughout my career in C, C++ on Linux environment and have years of experience in mentoring juniors to get good knowledge to shine in their career. Extensively worked on Set-top-box and an open source IP player where TV and OTT media playback streaming takes place.

My classes and teaching style

Most of my classes would be simple and teaching the basics most of the time and can jump deep into the topic as the basics gets comfortable with the students. Both my parents were teachers for their entire lifetime and I strongly incorporated the teaching knowledge from them and I make sure people walk out of the class learning some good programming knowledge at the end of the day.