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Allow me to help you to get the clarity you deserve! As a creative and innovative leader, it is my purpose in life to help others to get the clarity they need to become who they were meant to be!

background and experience

My background & experience

I've been involved with leadership training since 2017. I've been actively teaching and training and equipping leaders in Africa since 2017 and we are on a mission to raise leaders in the business enterprise who will go on to build great companies! I've been in 12 Countries, leading teams through the greatest of adventures and back! I love all things related to leadership!

My classes and teaching style

TIRED of just seeing and listening to the teacher's voice? I use visual thinking to help others to create the clarity they need to grow, lead and innovate their business! I am more of a facilitative teacher. Conversation and Questions. Clear and concise and structured .and.... FUN!!!

My certifications

TEFL Level 5 University Degree 2015 - 2018 Project Management Short Course 2020 Busy with second degree.