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My name's Íñigo and I'm from Madrid. I've worked as a language teacher for 12 years. I can also speak English, French and a little bit of Greek. I offer speaking-based, student-centered lessons for all levels. Also a translator and a language learner myself, I think I can spot and anticipate the difficulties you might face.

background and experience

My background & experience

Graduated in Hispanic Philology and Masters in Applied French, I have always kept up with my teaching training and have recently completed a CELTA course. This further training has provided me with the familiarity to different teaching methodologies, which have proven to be extremely useful in my classes. I have worked as a Spanish teacher for 12 years, both in-person and online. My job duties typically include designing and delivering Spanish courses for all levels. Also an English teacher and a 12 year-experienced translator.

My classes and teaching style

My teaching method is mostly conversational and based on a combination of skills. I use plenty of audiovisuals and various activities to get students to speak. My constant interest in professional training has allowed me to become familiar with techniques and tools that are essential in today´s second language learning, such as the materials used by the Cervantes Institute and the most renowned publications and blogs in the field of language teaching. My lessons are all similarly structured: a grammar point, a few exercises to get started, then controlled practice, and finally an audio or a video related to the topic.

My certifications

Degree in Hispanic Philology, Masters in Applied French, CELTA Course.
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Susan F

Inigo was prepared for class a

Inigo was prepared for class and gave me a good introduction to conversational Spanish. He asked me my level before class and sent me the materials before class. This was great. I would have...