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Meet Edie Dourleijn,

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Chef Edie is a former picky eater turned cooking coach. She considers the kitchen her playground and invites everyone to come play with food.

background and experience

My background & experience

Chef Edie was one of the first food bloggers of the Netherlands, attended culinary school to spice up her cooking and to learn all is possible. Then she taught curious home cooks like she was all the fun and interesting things she had learned. After moving to California, she started her company creative cook co to mentor people looking for a lifestyle change, spending more time in the kitchen and encouraging home cooks to become free of recipes. Chef Edie loves cooking with vegetables, and gets her inspiration from all over the world, the Mediterranean area in particular. She is a curious omnivore and hates to waste food.

My classes and teaching style

Chef Edie wants everyone to have fun in the kitchen. Her classes are always interactive, encouraging and a ton of fun. "Everyone can follow a recipe, but I love to teach you how you can adjust them. What can you easily change to make the dish 'you', the way you will love it. What ingredients can you replace with the ones you have in your pantry? Or how can you adjust it to your dietary restrictions." In short, I want to empower and teach you to understand recipes. After all, learning to cook is all about finding out what you love to eat." In all her classes, chef Edie will (try to) give options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free alternatives. Let her know at sign up if there are ingredients you don't want to use. ~ request your class ~ If you have an idea for a class, something that you'd like to learn, hit the contact button and we can work something out. Let's play in the kitchen!

My certifications

culinary school
100% (3 reviews)

Sheryl R

This is my 3rd class with Edie

This is my 3rd class with Edie and it certainly did not disappoint. Packed with technique and flavor, she makes this fun and breaks it down step by step so it’s fun and not overwhelming. I’ll be ...

Samantha W

Thanks chef Edie! She was so f

Thanks chef Edie! She was so friendly and patient. We learned so much about cooking! We had so much fun and our food was delicious! Now we can make pasta and homemade sauce so easily we barely ne...

Sheryl R

Class with Edie was great! I’v

Class with Edie was great! I’ve had a previous class with her and she quickly adapted my skill and made the class informative and educational, focusing on things I may not already know. The soup ...