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Meet Don Rimpilainen,

Your Painting & Drawing Teacher

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I am very caring, creative, sympathetic, respectful, and enthusiastic about helping people develop life skills & interests, fun with hobbies, and personal growth for a healthy lifestyle & improvement towards an optimistic future!

background and experience

My background & experience

My experience started with early childhood education, art college, crafts & hobbies with youth, Also I am currently an online English teacher for the past 5 years. I am very funny, I love movies, video games, music, cooking healthy food! patient, have good listening skills, fun! Incredible imagination, highly analytical & always willing to help!

My classes and teaching style

I teach Drawing, Sketching, Cartooning & Caricatures! Life coach, Dating and Relationship coach, English language teacher! Healthy food choices & cooking, Videogame support! Movie & music questions & answers! Caring, sharing of ideas & suggestions, Friendly! Fun! Good listener, Lots of helpful advice, Basic skills, Demos, Constructive learning, flexible, Great sense of humor!

My certifications

Victoria College of Art & Digital Communications