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Hello there, let me introduce myself. I'm Carolina, a psychologist, trainer, and friend from a far away land called Uruguay. Purpose guides my decisions, and my purpose is to leave the world better than how I found it (or do my best!). I plan to do this by helping individuals live more intentional lives. In other words, choosing how they want to show up, and where they want to go. If you have a similar perspective and would like to get started living a more joyful, purposeful life, let's connect!

background and experience

My background & experience

I have a purpose, to help individuals live intentional lives. And found a wonderful tool to aid me: Psychology. I have been studying (and living) it for over 13 years. I hold Master's from the University of Groningen, and (most importantly) know hundreds of stories from my life and the people I crossed paths with. Because knowledge without experience is incomplete, I also make sure to live a life of intention. Curiosity leads me through strange paths, from settling in a new continent to being a digital nomad. I think life is the greatest teacher and I squeeze every bit of learning I can from every experience.

My classes and teaching style

I aim my classes to be deep, engaging, and fun. Like a YouTube video, but the person behind the camera addresses you directly. I combine video interaction, content slides, exercises (individual or group), quizzes, and every other creative thing that I feel can help drive a point home. The classes are definitely not to sit in silence and listen, because, as in life, we need the experience to reach the wisdom we seek. And what better tool than Psychology to do that, we can always explore our minds and dig up interesting treasures, or create new ideas to make our lives more joyful.

My certifications

Master's in Talent Development & Creativity (MSc) - University of Groningen Coaching Certification - University of Groningen Licenced Psychologist - University of the Republic CBT Therapist - SUATEC institute
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Tania C

Tania C

Thank you Caroline for a fun a

Thank you Caroline for a fun and informative session.

Iuliia R

Iuliia R

Carolina was amazing! I loved

Carolina was amazing! I loved her materials, structure, and opportunity to put the knowledge we got into practice. Thank you so much!

Natasha O

Natasha O

Thank you for conducting the w

Thank you for conducting the workshop and it was lovely meeting everyone in the workshop. I found study interesting and well presented

Stormi K

Stormi K

This class was very meaningful

This class was very meaningful and informative for me. It was a great time to find my coaching style useful coaching methods.