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I'm a life Coach and Human Design Guide. I'm obsessed about helping my clients make small changes that result in huge impacts in their lives. I believe everyone can up-level their lives and I am here to support YOU to do just that! I have dramatically changed my own life and with Coaching and Human Design, and now spreading my passion with others is what I wake up for.

background and experience

My background & experience

Long before I became a coach, I was already helping and advising those around me ;) But at a life changing point in my own life, I started using all the tools and information I had picked up in my obsession for Personal Development and started transforming my own new circumstances. I have since trained as a Coach and found Human Design on that journey, and I use the myriad of tools I have picked up along the way to support and transform my clients and now... YOU!

My classes and teaching style

My classes will be fun, interactive and most importantly value driven and going deep!

My certifications

ICF Coach training, NLP, Human Design training, Hypnosis certificate
100% (3 reviews)

Juliette B

Such an eye-opening experience

Such an eye-opening experience! Angela was so kind and insightful when sharing my human design chart. Highly recommend!!!

Elena I

Elena I

A very interesting experience!

A very interesting experience! Angela made me a detailed personal reading, her interpretation was extremely easy to understand and follow. Highly recommended.

Kylie H

Kylie H

Wow! What an incredible class

Wow! What an incredible class and teacher! such an exciting way to learn more about yourself! highly recommended