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I am Andrea Romero, Creator of Emotional Chess and a passionate chess coach who, for the last five years, has been offering private and group lessons and courses for anyone who wishes: from three years old to older adults. In Emotional Chess, this game is seen from a different point of view. I teach you to play and improve. At the same time, I help you discover aspects of your personality and learn emotion management tools that are useful for your activity and life in general. I define myself as a dedicated, patient person with a single goal: to make students learn and use the benefits in their lives. In addition, I distinguish myself by giving my students the possibility of connecting with the emotions of the gam

background and experience

My background & experience

I am a Venezuelan chess player since the age of 8 with participation in championships until the age of 12, becoming among the best in my country. Although the pressure of competition took me away from the profession for a while, at the age of 20 I returned to practice I have been teaching classes and courses Since I was 23 years old. I am in charge of guiding beginners and intermediates into the world of chess.

My classes and teaching style

I work having a personalized program for each student: We'll make preparation according to how much time you can dedicate through the week, what are your goals, and what is your 'why' you are playing chess