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I've learnt chess at the age of 3 and since 8 I'm a chess professional. Along the way, while playing tournaments and simply just for fun, I was trying to bring to my life various interesting activities as a relaxing distraction, like learning foreign languages and then teaching them at school. I also graduated from law faculty and took part in contests of the fictional writing and TV game show. After finding out about computer science trying to come a bit closer to it, but chess is - as I love saying it, even then when I have a terrible tournament with lots of lost games - something what I love doing more than anything else. So, I will be glad to share this wonderful experience with you.

background and experience

My background & experience

After being a professional chess player for a long time, first I tried long-term chess coaching in 2013 while volunteering as a school teacher of English language and literature in a high mountainous village. Giving professional online classes since 2019.

My classes and teaching style

I usually prefer to start with the middlegame play, calculation and visualization, which helps a lot in improving overall understanding, but I also will be happy to polish any other part of the game, including my favorite - Endgame theory.

My certifications