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Consciously managing your time, goals & plans with Barbara M | Amphy

Consciously managing your time​,​ goals & plans

Time management is life management. In this class we will learn how to Consciously manage our time, our goals and our plans, as we align all activities, with our purpose and our goals.

What you'll learn

We will start with an audit of our days; assessing where we are versus where we would like to be in our time management. From there, we look into the plans and goals we have for ourselves. I will teach you how to unpack your goals and plans in a way that makes them easily achievable through the time management template that we will put together in the class. The class is hands on, engaging and interactive as I help you put a plan together and goal set within an easy time management process. Efficiency is one of my biggest values. Mindset & Performance is the game of it all.

This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for you if you want to manage your time better, using a simplified template that you can refer to at any stage. If you have plans and goals you want to achieve but don't seem to have enough time, this course is also for you. 

Your Teacher

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I am a multi-passionate coach with a love of science and other subject areas that provide clear and tangible evidence to activities, thoughts and actions that accelerate and sustain personal, professional and business growth. My background includes, but is not limited to Psychology, Socio-cultural and Medical Anthropology, Neuroscience-based coaching, Consciousness and Spiritualism. I am big on mindfulness, love running and meditation, contemplation and self expansion. I am also a yoga instructor, so grateful for the union of the mind, body and spirit that the discipline provides. As a Speaker and an author of 2 books, plus more than 40 articles on platforms like LinkedIn, I love to share, teach and showcase how we can design and live the lives we want, need and deserve.

What students need

This is can interactive class, helping you to plan, manage time and your goals. Bring in your planner, diary and journal as these will help get you started to a more organized life.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.