Find Your Inner Warrior with CBS Survivor Winner Class | Amphy
Find Your Inner Warrior with CBS Survivor Winner with Natalie Anderson ! | Amphy

Find Your Inner Warrior with CBS Survivor Winner

Want to work out like a survivor? Learn how to unleash your inner warrior from an actual winner of the CBS hit series, Survivor. Enjoy a quick workout and personal coaching as Natalie describes her personal experiences on Survivor and beyond.

What you'll learn

In this class, you will learn ways to improve your fitness level as well as your attitude and motivation from a real winner of CBS Survivor. 

Learn how Natalie Anderson passed the trials and tribulations through mental strength and resilience and how she was able to endure two full seasons on Survivor. Natalie will give insight and tips into the skills, motivation, and techniques she used to win CBS Survivor and include workout tips you can incorporate into your everyday routine. 

The class  will start with a breathing practice and movement flow, which are key tools for survival. Natalie will then describe and share her personal methods of developing mental strength and resilience. Natalie will discuss loss and how she has overcome guilt and sadness. 

Start a journey of self-empowerment, personal growth, and mental toughness today.
You can do it. Unlock your inner warrior and achieve your goals! 

This class is perfect for

The Survivor Fan and... 

Those looking to develop their mental toughness.

If you or a friend are in need of a pep talk, encouragement or help overcoming hardships and is looking to harness their inner warrior.
The small push you need

Your Teacher

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Natalie Anderson is the WINNER of CBS’s SURVIVOR season 29 and runner up on the all winners season ‘Survivor Winners at War’. She has also competed on the CBS reality competition series ‘The Amazing Race’ and MTVs ‘The Challenge’. On screen Natalie is known for her physical prowess, mental strength and fierce competitiveness. Over the years through hardships both mental and physical Natalie has harnessed skills to endure extreme mental and physical obstacles. Off screen Natalie is a CrossFit coach and personal trainer who is passionate about mental health, wellness and fitness. She is a twin sister and aunty.

How to participate

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