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DJ & Music Production Basics with Dastic with Dastic ! | Amphy

DJ & Music Production Basics with Dastic

Learn the basics of music production from world-renowned DJ Dastic! If you have a passion for music join this live class and make your own #1 hit songs. In this guide, Dastic will explain how to use music production software and more.

What you'll learn

This is an intro to music production and DJing class, I am going to explain the basics of how to produce dance music. This master class is for beginner and intermediate producers, or any fans of EDM.
We will focus on using Logic Pro X in this class, but I can answer questions about most DAW’s (digital audio workstations).
This is a live online class, so feel free to ask any burning questions that you might have. There's no better way to start music production and DJing than learning from DJs you love.
This is your chance to talk to Dastic about music & production... What a trip!
I'll share with you guys more about:
-song structure
-Classic EDM beats
-DAW's\Logic Pro X
-Full-frequency spectrum 
-and more
I will teach you the tools, best practices, and techniques that I used to make fan-favorite songs like Kylie,
Pump it Up [REMIX],
Dancing in the Moonlight [Remix],
and many more.
Get off your feet and start dancing. Learn the basics you need to know to start your own music production at home.
How can I start my own music production at home?
It's easy as one, two, three! All you need is the A, B, Cs from me and a few basic music production equipment pieces. But don’t worry you can still join this class without having software or equipment yet.
What is the difference between a DJ and a music producer?
A music producer is an artist who creates and saves pieces of music. They either make their own tracks from scratch or develop the work of other artists into perfection. DJs, on the other hand, are responsible for playing favorite songs live and mixing them for crowds. A DJ can be a music producer and a music producer can also be a DJ but they are two separate skills to learn.
What defines music production?
Music production is the art of creating, manipulating, and recording music to be saved forever. A music producer's job is to layer sounds and melodies together to create music. They use instruments and music production software to create their masterpieces. They can work on songs for anyone walking into the recording studio. Some music producers make their own original tracks and some create music for other artists.
What do DJs actually do?

Well,  a DJ is a disk jockey. The main job is to play music for others to enjoy. This may be the simplest yet most profound job of the DJ. They are in charge of making sure the crowd is happy at all times, or at least satisfied with the music. The DJ also has an incredible ear and listens to background sounds and beat timing. These skills make the songs he plays flow seamlessly together.
Is DJing easy to learn?

It's easy as pie to learn. The trick is practicing until you're a master. They say that to master a craft you need to put in 10,000 hours of work. Let this class serve as a jumpstart or motivation to your music production journey.

This class is perfect for

Anyone interested in learning more about DJing and music production! 
(or Dastic fans who want to say hello)

Your Teacher

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This talent just reached the age of 25 and is already an artist to watch. Dastic was born with a gift and his gift to you is his ever-growing passion to aim for innovation and perfection in music. 
 Growing up in the Netherlands, Damian Bast, alias Dastic, discovered his interest in music when he started to produce his own tunes at a young age in life. By not defining music as a certain genre he developed his own sounds, combining them with credible vocals and sweet fresh melodies to create something outstandingly beautiful. Dastic currently has over 795K listeners on Spotify and has worked with artists from all over the world.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.