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Business Spanish Class for Beginners A1-A2 with Suzana A | Amphy

Business Spanish Class for Beginners A1-A2

The best course for all levels, for A level

What you'll learn

Just like this title says, this course is perfect if you would like:
- A general course (so you can learn everything step by step: alphabets, first words and phrases, grammar, etc.) 
I usually use: Teach yourself book for everybody who wants to learn everything: Spanish alphabets, to read dialogues, to learn about grammar, to find some exercises, etc. 
Colloquial Spanish: This is basically for everybody who would just like to learn how to speak (it means, you will not find too much grammar but definitely you'll find a lot of different dialogues in different situations)
- If you want to find out something about the Latin American/Spanish culture
- If you need a preparation for the official language exam (for the university or to get the certificate: "DELE")
I'll be glad to help you. Feel free to book a lesson with me. We will get to know each other and step by step, we’re going to make a good working plan.
No need to be "formal" too much, because we are not in a formal language school, but I would definitely like to have a very friendly and nice teacher-student relationship and (or)we might become friends as well, why not?
Yes, after every lesson you can expect some homework so that you can practice much more and learn more effectively.
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I've been teaching online for 5 years (officially). I love teaching because it's a dynamic and an interesting job. You can teach your students and you can learn from them as well. The happiness and joy of the student + their progresses with their target language = my biggest prize (so my students are the ones who motivate me to work better)and I try to combine: a bit of reading, a bit of writing, a bit of conversation, a bit of grammar and a bit of listening by using different resources.

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How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.

Class Reviews

5.0 (2)
  • Mitchell W

    Suzana is a wonderful instructor! I can tell she has quite a lot of experience, in more than one language too which is amazing, and she also has impeccable pronunciation, uplifting and funny energy, and she is very well prepared. I definitely plan to continue studying with her.

    5 out of 5

  • Iuliia R

    Gracias por tu ayuda, Suzana. Esperando más clases.

    5 out of 5