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Accent Neutralization

Reducing the impact of your native language on your English speech and pronunciation.

What you'll learn

We'll begin with listening comprehension exercises until the learner(s) start getting comfortable with understanding the native accent  up to at least 80%. This helps the brain to register the different sounds of spoken English and also expands the vocabulary in the process.
Once the first goal is reached, we move on to formally learning the fundamentals of spoken English (IPA) and getting to know how to produce these sounds. The placement of various organs involved in sound production (articulators) is emphasized on because this helps put the learner in auto-pilot mode. By auto-pilot, I mean that the learner can self-identify the mistakes in pronunciation and once practiced enough, can correct those without help.
After that, we work on syllable stress and voice modulation by starting with relatively simple speech or reading practies. Gradually, we move on to more complex reading and speech delivery.
If there's a need/request by the learner, we can push forward to mastering Public Speaking as well.

This class is perfect for

Undergrads preparing for job placements
Business Studies/MBA students who have to participate in debates, represent clubs, and present their ideas creatively
Budding professionals
Middle management professionals
Businessmen and entrepreneurs

Your Teacher

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I'm a TTT Certified Professional Trainer specializing in English grammar, pronunciation, accent correction and MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) and/or RI (Regional Influence) reduction. By education, I'm an Electronics Engineer from one of the best regional colleges (YMCA), and also am an Indian Air Force veteran. I have more than 10 years of work experience both as a freelance trainer under the sole proprietorship - Eloquent Education and Consulting Services, and as a full-time employee in the BPO, ITES and Finance industries. American Express, Concentrix (Synnex Corp.), Accenture and HCL are a few of the giants that I've worked with. Please note that I'm not an "English Teacher", I'm an "English Communication Trainer and Coach". I'm also trained in Hindi and functional Sanskrit. You may visit my professional profile here:

What students need

A thick notebook with 5 partitions, any instrument for writing like a pen or pencil, OTT subscription (preferred, not mandatory) or any other means of access to a wide variety of music, movies and TV/web shows, any audio recording application on phone or laptop for speaking practice and feedback.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.