Waist hooping - The basis of hula hooping Class | Amphy
Waist hooping - The basis of hula hooping with Sushma H | Amphy

Waist hooping - The basis of hula hooping

An introduction to one of the basic hu!a hooping techniques - waist hooping

What you'll learn

Is this the first time you are picking up a hoop ? Is your hoop not staying up on your waist? This c!ass can help you with that .

Waist hooping is the building block of all hula hooping techniques . In this class we will learn step by step how to waist hoop and what are the tricky points and how to trouble shoot them 

This class is perfect for

Beginner / first time hula hoopers 

Your Teacher

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I discovered hooping purely by accident two years ago when I visited my friend and she told me, 'I have something that might interest you ' and got a hula hoop out! I was almost sure I wouldn't be able to hoop but was intrigued and tried it out. I didn't get it right the first couple of minutes but then suddenly I started hooping and I was hooked ! I fell in love with it instantly. I have been hooping ever since and enjoy combining hooping with dancing. I am passionate about performing on stage and have given quite a few performances. I have taught hooping and also conducted a couple of workshops both online and offline. I love to see the excitement on people's faces when they hoop for the very first time:)

What students need

A hula hoop of the right size ( Check out my class - Hula hoop - not just a toy )
Non flowy comfortable clothing
Atleast two arm distance space around you without any breakables in the vicinity

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.