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Trauma with Hannah W | Amphy


In this class we will learn the tools to deal with trauma rather than pushing it away. We will tackle the hard truth in order to set you free from your pain. We will give your pain a purpose.

What you'll learn

Trauma occurs in different way and exposes itself in different forms. In this course you will be faced with your trauma, you will learn to speak to it, and you will develop the tools to not let this trauma define you. 

This class is perfect for

Anyone struggling with facing their trauma 

Your Teacher

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I have been life coaching for five years. It is a skill and passion I was born with, and the challenges I have faced have allowed me to succeed even more so.

What students need

Pen and paper if you want to take notes, Zoom account

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.