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Coaching Session For Stress Management with Catherine A | Amphy

Coaching Session For Stress Management

Need help and support Stress Management, take this opportunity.

What you'll learn

Stress affects all of us. Some amount of pressure is good for us – it's helpful, keeps us motivated to complete tasks. Severe or chronic Stress, however, is not suitable for anyone. Extreme Stress inhibits you from carrying out your daily responsibilities. Still, it has long-term physical and mental health implications. Sometimes, we know we are stressed. We feel we are overwhelmed. Stress is everywhere, like at work or home. It affects concentration or memory; relationships – you are more irritable with your partner or family; your health – struggle from insomnia or digestive problems. At other times,  we do not realize our Stress; it's why Stress can be dangerous.  A stress coach support and help you to understand what triggers your Stress and symptoms. 
Stress Management Coach guides you by determining your work and home life and your emotional and physical well-being to see how to develop coping strategies. Your Stress Coach equips you with techniques and strategies to create, long-lasting relationship with Stress. 
Your Stress  Management Coach develops and implements action to manage your Stress, set boundaries, and teach you relaxation techniques. 
Stress Management Coach helps you develop your emotional and mental resilience. We cannot control everything in life, but we manage our reactions. Working with Catherine A. empowers you to respond adequately to stress. 


This class is perfect for

Individuals who wish to develops and implements action to manage  Stress. 

Your Teacher

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Catherine's background is in Counselling-Psychology, Stress Management, Relationship, and Nutrition. She used Positive Psychology and Humanistic Theory to support you to fulfill your potential and maximize your well-being and relationship. A positive approach focuses on you and emphasis your positive traits and behaviours. The Holistic approach transforms your health, well-being to benefits your relationship. Her life coaching and mental health expertise allow her to fulfill your potential and maximize your well-being. She assists with your transformations to get you off your comfort zone and develop a powerful sense of your capabilities, with potentially life-changing results.

What students need

An open mind and a desire to see change within them. Pen and pencil to take note.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.