Chess Openings: Chess Strategy for Beginners

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Chess openings Strategy and repertoire reinforcement for the active chess player. Learn chess strategy for beginners so you know exactly how to start your games. Live online classes are the best!

What you'll learn

Never lose in a game of chess in under 15 moves with new innovative ideas brought to you by CM  Khanya Mazibuko. In this class, we shall look deeper into how should one start the game of chess. Get the training you need to dominate the chess openings in any game you play. There are just three rules! Know these rules to always get an advantage from the get-go!

Did you know that there are almost an infinite amount of possible chess boards? The number is so humongous that no human could calculate every single one. After only one move each, there are already 400 different possible positions. Once they've made 2 moves each it opens 197,742 possible boards. After only 3 moves there are already 121 million different possible board positions. And it keeps getting bigger.

There are so many different boards, in fact, that to this day you can still play positions that no one has ever played yet. When playing a game with so many outcomes, calculating every outcome is not an option so players rely on chess strategy to win.

Chess openings are a very important part of the game. How you start can determine the outcome of the rest of the match. You can even win get a checkmate during the openings phase. Chess strategy for beginners will teach you how the pros choose the next move at the beginning of games.

So clearly you can't memorize every position and simply do the moves that will make you the winner, there are way too many. If you're starting chess, what do you do to play well then? The answer is in the chess strategy for beginners. By learning the strategy you're not memorizing anything, you're simply playing in a tactical way. If your strategy is good enough you can even beat a Grandmaster. It's not likely, but it is possible.
If you're beginning your chess career or just starting to get real about improving your game having a chess coach is the way to go. Take advantage of modern technology by taking my live online chess lessons. I give each student the personal care and focus they need to become a champion-winning chess player. You can ask questions, interact, and learn chess the best way that fits your needs. Live is the best way to take lessons.
Chess is not a job or chore it is a game. It is meant to be enjoyed by players and for that reason, we try to have fun in my classes. Students learn much better when playing for fun and not in a stressful environment. We'll make serious progress while enjoying ourselves the way it is meant to be.
Book a class now and win more games with proper chess strategy for beginners. Don't play using guesswork anymore. learn the systematic method that Chess Masters use to become the best.

This class is perfect for

All players wanting to understand the opening phase of the game not only from a theoretical point of view but a strategical one too
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Meet Khanya Mazibuko,

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Fide trainers and endgame specialist. Consistent and very fluent. check out my middlegame course on youtube for a sneak peak of all the fun to come!

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