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Join my 12 lessons course on pragmatic communication for business Japanese. Learn to use Japanese appropriately in all social contexts. Enjoy coaching to conduct business communication while working with Japanese colleagues, superiors, and customers.

What you'll learn

Working with Japanese superiors, customers, and coworkers can be a confusing thing for western citizens. There are cultural differences that affect how they do business and interact with one another. Did you know that in Japan someone who disagrees with the majority is considered immature? This and many other little details are important to know in Japan. This class 12 lesson course is dedicated to learning how to navigate the Japanese business world through proper communication. You'l... 
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This class is perfect for

N3~N1 students who aspire to aquire pragmatic phrases used in real, authentic Japanese business interactions. Even NI or N2 students can sound textbookish and too polite when they have not worked face to face with Japanese. All industries apply.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

passion to go beyond Japanese you "studied" with books and to enter the real business world of Japan.
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Takashi Kawatani

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*Visited 20 countries to resolve cross-cultural challenges of international businesspersons when working together. *At home with various dimensions of crosscultural issues of management, leadership, engagement and communication across nationalities. *Published 12 books of crosscultural business and one of Malaysian beetles.

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