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Stress-Free Productivity: Build Your Second Brain with Kgosi M | Amphy

Stress-Free Productivity: Build Your Second Brain

Are you overwhelmed by the never-ending flow of information and struggling to progress? Discover a stress-free system for capturing your best ideas and organizing it for dramatic results. It may just change your life!

What you'll learn

In this course we'll develop key habits, frameworks and processes behind a unique term  in the world of personal productivity - Building a second brain.

The framework was developed by Tiago Forte of Forte Labs. The only problem? Those courses go for over $1500. Since applying this system to my own life I feel more inspired, creative, clear minded and I'm consistently hitting my benchmarks in my business since taking control of my personal knowledge management.

My goal is to make this information accessible to anyone. So in this course we'll be transforming you from being a passive consumer to a mindful creator. Not only will the quality of the information you interact with increase but you'll begin to notice that you're able to use minimal effort to get more done, faster!

By the end of the course you'll have built your very own personal knowledge management system in Notion - a user friendly knowledge management application.

This course in also not a strict formula or one size fits all solution. It's designed to give you a foundation and expose you to the core habits of building a second brain so that you can take them on and customize what you've learnt here to suit your personal needs, goals and style.

It's potentially a life changing event to know that your life's experience, knowledge and resources are all in one place that you can create from.

This class is perfect for

- Content Creators & Writers
- Entrepreneurs & Freelancers
- College/University Students
- Productivity & Self-Improvement Nerds (like me)

Your Teacher

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My life's motto is that cooperation will truly get you further ahead than competition. It's proven true thus far. My work has taken me to the depths of the Amazon jungle as the manager of a top-rate holistic wellness centre all the way into conference rooms in Asia, where we developed skills & confidence of young professionals. Now having owned & run a Conversation Marketing agency across 2 continents; while maintaining my love for travel, I've learned what it takes to develop practical systems that are designed for individual lifestyles and that consistently bring results. Engaging with professionals, students and creatives from all walks of life is fuel for my soul. And this gives me a great understanding that our individual needs are different. I look forward to hearing a snippet of your story and working with you in creating tailor-made systems that complement and enhance your life.

What students need

You'll need a free account to build out the framework.
Not familiar with Notion? Check out this 2-min video to get yourself acquainted

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.