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About Us

We’re a group of driven individuals, set at changing the way people expand and enrich their lives. Through the medium of live video, we plan to change the world.

Our Vision

A brighter us.

Our Mission

The largest marketplace for live classes,
connecting and enriching humanity through knowledge.

As Covid-19 hit, the world went into chaos and we all sheltered in isolation. Our entire lives centered around a one place – home. Some things were challenging. Some were different. Some were amazing. It’s from that Amazing that Amphy was born.


Amphy is an online marketplace for live video classes. We are connecting amazing teachers to an audience previously out of reach, and allowing students to enjoy the benefits and convenience of learning from home. We’re creating A Brighter Us.


There’s a curse word here at Amphy – it’s ‘recorded’. We believe there is a magic of attending something live. It’s an irreplaceable connection that links us to something bigger, something outside of ourselves.


Live is also the best way to learn. It’s engaging. It’s interactive. It helps you to stay committed and makes sure you fully understand and are doing everything correctly. It’s the backbone of what we believe in and what we offer here at Amphy.


And thus Our Story starts. Join Us

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