Holistic Yoga Fusion: Live Online Class

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60 min
Group Class

Live online yoga class with holistic Yogi Daniel Rama. Relieve tightness, reduce stress, and feel good in your body in this session. Enjoy a guided experience of yoga, movement, and mindfulness.

What you'll learn

In this live online Master Series, Yogi Daniel Rama leads a guided Holistic Yoga Fusion class. If you feel stressed and tight from everyday life and are looking for relief, this class is for you. Rama guides you through yoga poses that will release your stress and help bring you inner peace. 
Holistic Yoga Fusion pulls inspiration from classical hatha yoga as well as modern functional movement patterns. He'll teach you the movements, techniques, and mindfulness that helped him miracu... 
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This class is perfect for

Daniel Rama Fans
People who need a stress release
Men and Women
First time to advanced yoga students

What to bring

Yoga mat
Water bottle
Group sessionUp to 500 seats
Group sessionUp to 500 seats

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Daniel Rama

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Daniel Ramas journey began with a life changing injury and a grim diagnosis. Told by doctors that he would never be able to run again, Rama moved to a simple yoga ashram and began dedicating himself to a life of sincere sadhana (spiritual practice). After a miraculous recovery, Rama has now made it his life purpose to share valuable techniques associated with yoga, movement and mindfulness. Present day, Rama offers on-demand online courses through www.becomingbalance.studio, international workshops, retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings.

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