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Hello, my name is Suzana. I'm from Serbia. I'm 33 years old and I'm a language teacher. I like to learn languages, to meet new people and make new friends, I like to share my culture with other people, to travel etc. My favorite topics are: 1. Travelling , 2. Foreign languages, 3. TV programs, 4. Films and TV series, 5. Culture, 6. sport, 7. IT, 8. Science My hobbies are: learning foreign languages, horse- riding, reading, travelling, ... I am open-minded, flexible and very positive. If you come up with something interesting to talk about, please, don't hesitate to suggest me and I'll gladly discuss with you about that. I visited: Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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My background & experience

I've been teaching online for 5 years (officially). I love teaching because it's a dynamic and an interesting job. You can teach your students and you can learn from them as well. The happiness and joy of the student + their progresses with their target language = my biggest prize (so my students are the ones who motivate me to work better)and I try to combine: a bit of reading, a bit of writing, a bit of conversation, a bit of grammar and a bit of listening by using different resources.
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My classes and teaching style

Firstly, I test the level of the target language... I have two parts: 1) Conversational part (here I check their vocabulary and their fluency + I find out their language goals and their needs) 2) Writing part (with that I focus much more on grammar and spelling) For each part, I take notes (I have my notebook for that). Secondly, I personalize my lessons to their goals and needs. I can cover a lot of topics: business, travelling, culture, etc. My Teaching Material Text Documents Audio files Image files Video files Articles and news Quizzes Homework Assignments Presentation slides/PPT Flashcards PDF file

My certifications

2021 DOSTTEKNOLOJI Teaching referance Ankara 2021 DITALS certificato Università Ca' Foscari Venezia 2021 Türkçe Sakarya universitesi 2020 Osmanlıca (Osmanlı Türkçesi ) - İnternet kursu 2020 Enseñanza del idioma español Miguel de Servantes 2020 universitas profesor de ELE EUDES 2018 Approved German - basic level --- online course Diploma uploaded 2017 Approved Mobile sites Google Diploma uploaded 2019 Turkish grammar Diploma uploaded 2017 Approved Adwords display Google adwords academy Diploma uploaded 2017 Approved Teaching Knowledge Test Preparation course TEFLINK Diploma uploaded 2012 Russian langauge Livemocha Diploma uploaded 2018 Polyglot Certificate Polyglot Conference Diploma uploaded 2016 Certificado de Italiano Marco Nisida academy 2018 Turkish language -- online certificate 2018 Teaching certificate Verbling 2018 Approved Methods of teaching Russian as a Foreign language International Center of Russian language 2020 ITALKI challenge (online certificate) 2017 Approved TEFL/TESOL TEFLINK 2017 Approved Education in a changing world 2012 Russian Livemocha 2020 profesor de ELE EUDES universitas 2017 Chinese language and culture Diploma uploaded 2017 Approved Google analytics Google Adwords Academy 2013 English Language Livemocha 2017 Becoming a Confident Trainer 2014 Approved Internet Marketing Business Perfection 2017 Certificado del idioma italiano Marco Nisida academy 2017 Approved Teaching adult learners Diploma uploaded 2014 English Language Duolingo 2017 Mobile advertising Google adwords academy Diploma uploaded 2020 Osmanlıca (Osmanlı Türkçesi ) - İnternet kursu. 2012 Italian langauge Livemocha Diploma uploaded 2017 Early Childhood Education 2017 Certified educator Duolingo 2011 Bachelor Belgrade Business School 2015 Certificate Beldocs 2017 Adwords video Google adwords academy 2015 Spanish language Institute Cervantes Diploma uploaded 2017 Adwords search Google Adwords academy 2012 Spanish language Livemocha Diploma uploaded 2018 Portuguese 2012 Professional master Belgrade Business School 2011 Professional economist Belgrade Business School
My classes

My student reviews

  • Elio C

    This is not a review of the teacher, but of the overall experience. The teacher was responsive and helpful, but said she is experiencing ongoing technical problems with Amphy, that have not been resolved by the support team. I did not have a lesson.

    1 out of 5

  • Blanca N

    I paid for four classes beginning Monday 10/25-10/27 and one more class the following week. I had my class in 10/25 and that day I got an email reminder for the class on 10/26. I logged in for my class on 10/26 and Susana A wasn’t there. I emailed her and she said that there was no more classes for me assigned to her portal by Amphy so she can’t provide me with her services. Susana checked again this morning 10/27 to see if Amphy corrected their mistake but as of today no more of my other 3 classes have been assigned to her. I wasn’t expecting this disappointment. I want a full refund ASAP please. I don’t trust this website now

    1 out of 5

  • Nicte H

    Really good teacher, she asked about my experience with the language and tailored my classes accordingly, she is patient and encouraging, the real deal. I recommend her a lot

    5 out of 5

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