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I study the wisdom traditions of yoga and meditation and apply these teachings to work, to relationships, to achieving optimal health and elevated performance. My experience testing these contemplative methods in the modern world has taught me how to transmit the authentic instructions in a clear, concise way. The goal of yoga is complete realization of all your aspirations. There is a specific path forward.

My background & experience

After several years of increasing curiosity in dharma, the philosophy of yoga, I completed my first teacher training in NYC focused on Vinyasa yoga and Shamatha meditation. I advanced my studies in studios across New York City and New Orleans and on retreat worldwide. My specific focus is on Core Strength, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga Nidra, and sacred primary texts. I have studied Tibetan Buddhism and learned from many master teachers of this tradition. I have completed several yoga teacher trainings, train teachers in various capacities, and have opened two yoga centers in Manhattan. I now focus exclusively on online training and community-building. I have practiced on retreat (some fully-silent and solitary) around the world. I consider retreat vital for integration and honest reflection for clarity. The pinnacle of my studies came when I spent two weeks on retreat in South India to study ancient Ayurvedic Yoga with my teacher, with whom I have completed a year-long private apprenticeship and continue to study ongoing. Through her incredible generosity of wisdom, time, and joyful effort I offer Ayurvedic Birth Chart analysis and Yantra Readings. You can learn more about me at and follow me on Instagram at @coconscious

My classes and teaching style

I teach Vinyasa yoga and Shamatha meditation. I meet students exactly where they are and help guide them to where they want to go.

My student reviews

  • Clara B

    Great class - looking forward to joining again!

    5 out of 5

  • Kovi F

    Excellent class. Great to have Allison guide me through meditations after a long day

    5 out of 5