Lifelong learning keeps your brain active, helps you feel productive, and lets you adapt to change easily. Learning can help you stay knowledgeable for your job, or ease the transition to a new career.

Finding time to learn can be a major obstacle, especially if you’re trying to balance life and work. Enrolling in college courses is expensive and it may be hard to fit classes around your schedule.

Enter Amphy, a platform offering online classes on a variety of popular topics. Instead of watching how-to videos on other platforms, Amphy delivers live online classes. You’ll be able to interact with your teacher and learn from an expert while having full control over your schedule.

The Best Live Online Classes on Amphy

You can learn anything on Amphy. Check out the course list and study with experts in subjects like:

Fitness and wellbeing

Language and culture

Food and drink

Art and music

Business and finance

Chess and poker

If you have a subject in mind, you can visit the Amphy homepage and type it into the search box. By default, that page will show:

Classes starting soon

Free trial classes

Top classes in each category

Live online classes

Browsing the homepage can give you an idea of what you’d like to learn. You can also select the hours you’re available and see what classes meet during that time.

Language and Culture

Language and culture classes are the best because you can learn from native speakers. You’ll hear how to pronounce the words and get immediate feedback on your accent and grammar. Many teachers also teach the country’s culture in the language classes.

One of the top language courses is American Sign Language. This is a great class to take online because your instructor can give you pointers on how you’re making the signs. In addition to learning the alphabet and signs for everyday words, you can learn how to sign song lyrics.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Fitness classes on Amphy are some of the best available. While you can find workout videos on YouTube, you won’t get feedback on your form. Besides standard exercise classes like pilates, Zumba, and martial arts, you’ll also find fun courses like hula hooping.

Yoga classes are among the most popular on Amphy. Whether you take a group class or a private session, you can ask the instructor questions. They’ll let you know if you’re doing the poses correctly and you’ll learn a great new workout routine.

If you like the relaxing pace of yoga, consider taking meditation and mindfulness classes in the wellbeing aspect of the category.

Food and Drink

Be sure to try a cooking class on Amphy. You’ll love having guidance as you cook a meal and then enjoy the final product! You can find courses on cooking an entire meal or baking a sweet dessert.

Some of the top classes on Amphy teach you how to make a delicious beverage to enjoy. Brewing Coffee Better will teach you how to make the perfect cup of joe each morning. In the evening, take a cocktail class so you can craft a unique drink to help you wind down. 

Final Notes

Amphy is the best way to learn and take advantage of your time. You can join from anywhere with an internet connection and Zoom account. If you can’t find the right class at the right time, don’t fret! You can message the teachers and work with them to get what you need.

The platform has made it easy to expand your education. Practice a new language, then level up your chess game. You’ll never get tired of learning with live online classes from Amphy.