So how much money can you really make?

It depends, but let's set you up for success!

Let’s talk about the thing that’s really on all of our minds: “How much money can I really make?” The short answer is: it depends, but if you take the right steps, you could set yourself up for success! As teachers, it may be difficult to decide how much you should charge for your classes. Or, how can you charge the least for the student, but still make it worth it for you? Well, we have your answers below! Take a look at our pricing guideline and tips for how to offer something for everyone and to broaden your opportunity. Follow these steps and it will leave you and your students feeling very happy!
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Amphy brings you a global audience. This means that as a teacher, you will have the opportunity to teach students from across the world. Your audience is wide, so it’s important to consider that your students have different economic standards and costs of living.


Someone living in the United States will likely pay a different price than someone in Europe. Someone living in a city in the United States, will also likely pay a different price than someone living in another city of the same country.


It’s important to consider that, while trying not to compromise the value and price of your class.
Feel free to research average costs per class, but don’t use it as your sole guideline.

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One Free Class a Week

We recommend that you add one free 20-minute class a week, to give students a taste of what your class has to offer.

Students will think – “Why wouldn’t I try a FREE and SHORT 20 minute class?! Sign me up”


It’s up to you – That’s where you jump in. Make the most of your 20 minutes, give them variety and grab their interest. But most importantly, leave them wanting more, and they will be sure to join a full, paid class asap! Even if someone takes your free class more than once, prove to them why they need to sign up for a lengthier class.


Make it a beginner class – If your free class is a beginners class, it means that you can reach the widest audience of new students who would be eager to take your class.


It starts with word of mouth– As someone attends your free class, they will share their experience with their friends, family, etc. Ultimately this will filter into a lot more paid classes.

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It’s simple. The more availability the better.


Your goal is to reach students globally – Having availability all throughout the day (morning, afternoon and evening) is important so that you reach a wider range of students.


We did a survey– and the ideal time that people want to take a class is in the mornings, around 10am. It’s important to consider that your mornings might be an evening for someone else, or vice versa. Add classes at this time to have maximum exposure.

Remember: Your mornings might be an evening for someone else, or vice versa.


Add off peak times too, to accommodate people looking for times at a different hour than the masses. At these hours there is often less competition from other teachers.

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Class Lengths

Be accessible to everyone – Consider offering different lengths of classes, which will allow you to reach students who aren’t able/willing to register for higher-priced classes.


In the survey we administered, we discovered that most people enjoy online classes between 30-60 minutes. Offer a 30, 45 and 60 minute private class, so that students have flexibility in the length and cost of the class.


Adjust your availability – Put the same availability for all your classes, and you could adjust your schedule when a student requests to book.


Group classes – your group classes should have less availability than your private classes, because they will occur more consistently. Offer 1-2 group classes a day. Name your price – as demand grows, your prices should reduce as you’ll have more students per class.


Do the math – be sure you understand how much you’re going to earn after the platform fee. Make sure you understand how much you’ll receive after your class is complete. Adjust accordingly if necessary.

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Offer Variety

Consider offering different types of classes in order to reach a broader audience. For ex: if you are a chef and you have a $100 pasta-making class for 1.5 hours, consider making a 45 minute omelette-making class at $40. Consider offering a more general class about the basics of cooking where no material is required.


Add levels to classes – For almost every class you can have beginners, intermediate & advanced classes. Offer these as private classes as well as group classes and you quickly have 6 live classes.


The more diverse the better – a yoga instructor should always offer different levels of classes. They can also offer a class on the fundamentals of yoga, where instead of performing the actual type of fitness, the student can learn about it.


Get creative. After all, you are the expert.

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Consider Offering Specials

Offer lower prices for longer classes. For ex: charge $30 for a 30 minute class, $35 for a 45 minute class, and $45 for a 60 minute class. Students are likely to choose the 45 minute or 60 minute class because they can see that they are getting a good deal.


Have holiday specials and themed classes. Adjust your prices during the holiday seasons and leave students feeling like they have been gifted an incredible price for a high-quality class and teacher.

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Trial and Error - Experiment

Practice makes perfect. We encourage you to be as open as possible and to broaden your options. This will only help you understand your audience more, and it will allow you to adjust accordingly.


Figure out your price. We can work with you from there.


We at amphy are here to help. You can always reach out to teacher support for any questions or assistance you may need!


Happy Teaching!
The Amphy Team

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