Dress Your Class for Success - a Guide for Your Visuals

“Dress your class for success”. In the same way you put on nice clothes for an important event, your class images and video are key for your success. Your class visuals serve as your store front, and an attractive store front will bring in more customers.


Creating attractive visuals is actually quite easy as long as you keep to some basic guidelines.
We created this Amphy Visuals Guide for you, so that you can learn the best methods that will catch your students eye, and attract them to your classes.

Main Image

The main image is the first image that your users will see when they search through the classes – therefore it is the most important image. Ensure that this image is engaging and of high quality. Below are some best practices for the main image which you can add in the Media section of the “Add your class” page:


Make it personal – Ensure that the main image includes people/a picture of you over static objects and scenery or animations.
Make it unique – avoid generic “Unsplash” images when possible. For example: Choose an engaging image from your personal social media (Facebook profile picture, your latest Instagram post, etc.) that reflects who you are
Make it attractive – pick cheerful, colorful images of smiling people like yourself and/or others. Try to make the photos look as professional as possible. Consider hiring a photographer or taking the picture on a phone with high camera quality.
Make it quality – ensure that the image has a high resolution, that the image quality isn’t blurry and that the image is taken in landscape/horizontal orientation.
Avoid texts on image – do not include any messaging on your images

Here is an example of a great main picture for a cooking class:

-This is a great image because it is a professional photo with a nice background and is of high quality
-It shows who the teacher is, in a professional yet friendly manner, and it shows what type of teacher they are and alludes to what the classes will be (cooking class).


Example of a not-so great main picture:

-This is a not-so great main image because it doesn’t look professional.

-It has way too much text on the picture, and appears to be a bit blurry. Although there is an image of the teacher in the corner, it is not personal or friendly enough.

Class Videos

If a picture is worth 1 thousand words, than a video is worth 1 million.

Make it good content – option 1: A short introduction about yourself, the class and why the students should join.

Make it good content – option 2: a snippet of what the class will look like. For ex: a video of you working out, a short clip of you preparing a meal.

Make it good length – We highly recommend for the video length not to exceed 90 seconds.

Make it good quality – All videos should be filmed in Landscape/horizontal orientation. Have an attractive background, and bright lighting. You can edit your videos directly on your Iphone or Android, or on sites such as www.canva.com, www.vimeo.com.

Video size limit – up to 250MB.

Class Background Image

The class background image is the large ‘cover photo’ background image that your users will see when they press your class for booking information. It’s important that this image is engaging and of high quality, but can also be more artistic and general. Below are some best practices for the class background image which you can add in the Media section of the “Add your class” page:


Choose your design – Here you can feel free to use an image of a static object or scenery.
Show them personality – The image should reflect the class theme. For ex: for a cooking class, it will be fitting to put a picture of the meal you will be preparing in the class, for a fitness class it will be fitting to put a picture of a water bottle, towel and weights.
For nice pictures – In order to search for free, high-quality photos use www.unsplash.com
Make it high quality – Make sure the image has a high resolution and of good quality, try to pick a colorful image that will stand out


Here is a great image example for a yoga class:

-This is a great image for a yoga class because it reflects the theme of the class and a student can get an idea of exactly what will be experienced in the class.

-Although this may not be a picture of the teacher, it reflects the theme of the class. An ideal class background image will be theme-oriented and not necessarily teacher-focused.


Here is an example of a not-so great image for a yoga class:

-Although this image may be professional and aesthetically nice, it does not reflect the class theme. It may represent serenity and calmness which is relevant to a yoga class, but it does not reflect what will be taught in the class. It is also very dark and not very welcoming.

-The image does not show any action of what will happen in the class.

Class videos will be shown on loop when a student views your class. This feature captivates the audience, and allows students to get a feel for what they can expect during the class. We highly encourage you to post a video for your classes. Below are some best practices for the Class Videos which you can add in the Media section of the “Add your class” page:


Additional Class Images

The additional class images are the secondary images that your users will see when they search through the classes. These images should also be of high quality, and should tell the story of what type of class you are offering. Below are some best practices for the additional class images which you can add in the Media section of the “Add your class” page:


The more the merrier – we highly recommend uploading the max allowance of images per class.
Make it quality – The quality and content should reflect similar to the main image – high resolution and an image that is personal and that will grab the students attention.
Your goal – The goal of these images is to describe the theme of your class. These images should act as a series of telling the story of your class theme.


Example of a great picture:

-This is a great picture because it shows the teacher in action and represents the class theme.

-It is a professional photo that shows a happy teacher who is passionate about their work


Example of a not-so great picture:

-This image is too blurry and there is too much going on

-This isn’t reflective of the class theme or the teacher and doesn’t allow the student to sufficiently connect to the teacher or the class

For All Images and Videos

The following best practices are relevant for all images and videos:


Have variety – For each class, please input different images and videos, as it should be evident that you offer different classes. The images could follow along the same themes so that students could recognize your brand, but the same images could lead to them believing that it is the same class.
Make it good quality – All images and videos need to be in landscape, horizontal orientation so that they fit in the allocated frames.
Choose the best size – For each image, there is a zoom feature where you can zoom in and out in order to choose the best size for your image.
Make it engaging – If there is a picture of a face, the face should be looking straight off to the right of the page. If needed, use the flip function on the right bottom corner of the image uploading tool in order to flip your image.
Note about images – make sure that you own or have permission to put up your media on the site. You can take images from www.unsplash.com, a website that allows you to take images for free.


If you follow all of these steps, this useful guideline will help you in creating the best classes visually. Once you get this right, students will be sure to sign up for all of your classes! The Amphy team is here to support you on all of these matters, so feel free to reach out for any questions. We would be happy to review your classes and work with you to create the best looking visuals!