There are many free ways to learn English online, from smartphone apps to online resources. With these, you can work on your English skills by playing games or reading the news.

Here are some of the best ways to learn English online for free!


Perhaps the most popular way to learn a language is Duolingo, a website and smartphone app. It’s completely free, although you can pay for a premium subscription. Duolingo uses diagnostic testing and interactive games to help you learn words and phrases.

With Duolingo’s technology, you can be placed in a module and work through a roadmap of themes and vocabulary. It’s an entertaining way to learn the basics of a language and a fantastic method of growing your vocabulary through online English classes.

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BBC Learning English

Learning English, presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation, combines learning English with listening to audio dramas, taking lessons, and reading articles. It’s an excellent resource for immersing yourself in English online. You can learn at any level, take a diagnostic test to ensure you’re where you need to be.

Talk English

Talk English is one of the most straightforward websites for learning English online. It’s easy to navigate and offers free video lessons in several areas. You can watch or listen to lessons in basic English, business English, English for interviews, and other English topics. While the website is easy to use, it is older and somewhat out of date.

News in Levels

An efficient way to learn English is by reading the news. However, not all English learners are at the right level to be able to read news successfully. News in Levels writes current news stories at three different levels of English fluency. As you progress, you can come back to this site to get better at reading news articles in English.

TED Talks

TED talks were not created specifically for learning English, but they are a great way to immerse yourself in the language. You can listen to talks of any length on any subject, which will increase both your vocabulary and knowledge. TED is entirely free on Youtube or their app or website.

Best Paid Ways To Learn English Online

Of course, if you want a more personal experience, you’re going to have to pay some money. While there are premium subscriptions for many free options, they still don’t have individual lessons or real-time immersion. Here are some ways to learn English online for a little bit of money. You can use them in addition to the free resources to learn even faster!


Amphy is an excellent website for individual, live education. Amphy’s English courses are taught by professionals over Zoom, so you will always have access to your teacher for questions or problems. Teachers are available for various classes, from introductory to advanced and many more nuanced options, like English storytelling or conversational English.

Amphy’s classes are either in a group or individual format, but all of them are remarkably inexpensive. The private classes cost just as much as group classes, so you can get as much personal attention as you need without paying more. Amphy has a great range of classes and class availability to fit any schedule or learning need.

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EdX is one of many online learning websites. You can take courses in any subject for a small price. These courses are great and in-depth, often offering the same education as a regular college class.


However, they are primarily pre-recorded. While you can take these classes at your own pace, you won’t have a lot of teacher or student interactions. EdX is a great option if you are learning at your own pace and don’t need one-on-one advice.


Lingua is a website dedicated to learning languages. Although we’ve listed it in the paid portion, most of Lingua’s content is free. You do have to pay for a premium subscription, which includes live lessons and group activities.


Lingua focuses on reading and comprehension, which is great for any English language beginner. With the free content on Lingua, you read an article or story and take a quiz on your comprehension. Because you can do these at your own pace, learning can be as fast or as slow as you want it.

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iTalki is one of the only one-on-one online English learning programs. With iTalki, you can meet and learn a language with a native speaker. While you pay for courses with iTalki, you also help the other person learn your language. There is an option for classes only or reciprocal language learning.
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Coursera is another website that offers classes on pretty much anything you can imagine. Their ESL classes are from the top colleges in the country and can be accessed for a certain amount of time after you make the initial registration.


While some classes on Coursera are free, others are not. If you want a certificate of completion, you’ll have to pay a fee at the beginning of the class. These certificates can’t be used as college credit, although schools and jobs might consider them.

The Overall Best Way To Learn English Online

Out of everything on this list, the winner is! Even with multiple apps and immersion ideas, nothing beats a one-on-one lesson or class with a real-life teacher. With Amphy, you’ll be able to learn a language in the way that works best for you.
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